“The Isolated”

A tribe of Orcs that make their home in the mountains between Osirion and the Mwangi Expanse. They have made a niche for themselves by raiding caravans making the long journey to and from the wealthy cities in Osirion and various ruins inside the expanse. Strangely enough, they tend to allow most supply caravan’s through their lines unscathed, only stealing food when supplies are low.

The most notable feature of the tribe is their “Pantheon.” Ezohateom venerate three dragons that lay claim to the tribe’s lands, and the entire area surrounding it. As payment for the tribes survival, any artifacts that they take from the passing caravans are offered up equally to each dragon. By keeping the tribe from growing stronger, the dragons are able to manipulate them into continuing their search. For what though, has never been revealed to the tribe, and can only be of great importance to the dragons themselves.

The dragons themselves have been in a centuries old feud that will forever be at a stalemate until the item they seek is in one of their control. In the meantime, none of the beasts will make a direct move against one of the others, lest the remaining one capitalize on the other two’s distraction.

Pab Majakar – “Water Giver”

Valinatir Nixeu – “Burning Fire”

Japachi Vis – “Quiet Truth”


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